Our Social Commitment

Assistenza  focuses on supporting Canadian families in need. Over the years, we have been working with numerous Canadian foundations and charities. Assistenza has made it its duty to give over 2% of its yearly revenues to such important organizations as:

  • The Canadian Cancer Society (link)
  • Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (link)
  • Miriam Foundation directed at helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD (link)
  • The Montreal’s Children’s Hospital (link)
  • Make-a-wish foundation (link)
Meet  Taylor, the highlight of our commitment in 2020


Her wish is to go on a Disney Cruise with her family.

When Taylor was born, doctors noticed that there was something not quite right based on her reactions and functions, but couldn’t get to the cause. After four years of many, many tests, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Taylor was just the 55th person, in the world, to be diagnosed with Potocki Lupski Syndrome (PTLS).

Her middle name is Joy, and her parents say that this could not describe her any more perfectly.

Everyone she meets comments on how sweet, caring and joyful she is. She is always the first one to stand behind a classmate in a wheelchair who needs assistance, to comfort a crying classmate and to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Taylor is very creative and loves art, anything from sculpting to drawing … but most of all she loves Disney! Although her all-time favourite movies are Frozen and The Descendants she really enjoys just about every Disney movie out there. It is through her love of Disney that her mom, dad, younger sisters and younger brother have fallen in love as well.

Taylor’s wish? To go on a Disney Cruise with her family. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Taylor’s wish has been postponed until the world is safe and healthy again. But when asked what Taylor’s wish means to her, her dad says, “Its a chance for her to experience some joy and excitement in her life for a brief moment to escape from the difficulties of her day to day living!” Taylor cannot wait for the day her and her family set sail and her wish comes true.