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*For more info, please contact Me Sabrina S. Bitton – in house counsel or 1-866-374-2778.


Assistenza International, a provider of legal assistance and other value-added services, is constantly looking to expand and develop its referral network for the benefit of our client’s needs.

Corporate clients rely on Assistenza International to provide their customers with the resources necessary to make sound-minded and informed decisions in legal matters. The referral network benefits the customer by providing access to a large database of professionals and also benefits lawyers by creating a bigger clientele for their firms.

Why join our legal network?

Joining our network is FREE. Our clientele consists of over 7 million individuals, the majority of whom not only seek legal advice but representation as well. We will refer any customer seeking representation to the closest and most experienced lawyer in the required legal field.

Joining Assistenza International’s legal network will enable you to:

  • Expand your clientele with no added cost;
  • Build and expand your firm’s client base. Once a client is referred it is quite usual for them to seek the help of the same lawyer if legal representation is needed in the future;
  • Prestige of having referrals from one of the largest EAP (Employee Assistance Program) providers in Canada;
  • Joining our referral network would enable free advertisement for your firm.

Terms and conditions:

  • Lawyers wishing to join must have at least 5+ years of relevant experience;
  • Referral lawyers must provide a 30 minute initial free consultation;
  • If the customer chooses to retain the referral lawyers’ services, a 25% discount of posted rates must be provided.

If you would like to join our network of lawyers or for more information please contact Me Sabrina S. Bitton – in house counsel by:


Tel:      1-866-374-2778