Missing and murdered indigenous women and girls commission

The Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Government of Canada, ordered a national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, which will begin in September 2016. Under the Inquiries Act[1], where there is a recommendation to hold an inquiry, the Governor in Council appoints persons as commissioners. These Commissioners have …

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After the Charbonneau Commission

The Charbonneau Commission allowed for the Voluntary Reimbursement Program (hereinafter the “Program”) to be created. This Program was established under the Act to ensure mainly the recovery of amounts improperly paid as a result of fraud or fraudulent tactics in connection with public contracts (hereinafter the “Act”). Since November 2nd, 2015, under this Program, it …

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Dying with dignity – the new law on End-of-Life care

The right to die with dignity has provoked debates around the world. In Canada, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to have amendments made to articles 14 and 241 of the Criminal Code prohibiting assisted suicide and consent to death, including the 1993 Rodriguez decision, until the Carter judgment was rendered in February 2015. This …

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