Legal Services

Legal assistance

Legal assistance made readily available to all your customers. Our in-house attorneys’ vast experience coupled with their different fields of expertise allows them to properly diagnose any legal dispute, explain it in a simple form and advise your customers accurately. Our in-house Legal Assistance services consist of:

  • Unlimited telephone calls for legal information
  • Highly qualified in-house attorneys covering civil and common law with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a private law firm
  • All of our attorneys are members of the Bar Association
  • Attorneys expert in issues such as family, labor contracts, taxation, real estate, statutory matters, consumer law, etc. are dealt with in a professional and confidential manner

Legal fees assistance

In addition to Legal Assistance, we also provide you with legal protection. Our team of in-house attorneys will inform your customers about their rights and cover legal expenses up to a contracted amount on a wide range of issues such as consumer fraud, bodily injury, property damage, residential leases, income security, and employment.

Interactive legal document assistance

Legal Document Assistance is a combination of leading legal technology and high-end legal support services providing your customers with a white-label legal website that will help save legal fee costs by generating the legal documents your customers need. The combination of the Telephone Legal Assistance, Legal Fees Assistance and Legal Document Assistance offers a complete package to your clients.

Estate settlement assistance

We will assist in handling the multiple and complex responsibilities of estate settlement. Even a simple estate requires specific actions to be taken to satisfy important government requirements. Our attorneys are available to answer all questions concerning wills and estate administration.