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My dream is to allow those people who would not normally have access to certain essential assistance services, such as Legal Assistance, Health Assistance, Home Assistance and even Roadside Assistance, to have such access to these services at a minimal cost. I am happy to say that for over 20 years, with the effort of a dedicated and loyal team, Assistenza has been able to realize this dream. As a result of Assistenza’s efforts millions of people have had and continue to have access to these all important services."

Raffaela Scaglione

We at Assistenza take this dream seriously and we are comitted to continue our Late Founder's dream.

Assistenza International

Real people, real solution

Assistenza International is the most prominent provider of white-label value added services in Canada . For over 20 years, we have been there to meet the needs of your customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Our white-label services are rendered with compassion, in
    your name using your specific protocol.

  • team of highly qualified professionals committed to assist your customers;
  • All our professionals have a mandatory and exhaustive training for each service;
  • Multilingual team in a position to answer to all your clients’ questions and problems;
  • A network of reputable suppliers chosen under strict admissibility conditions;
  • A detail oriented partner who supports your strategies, activities and initiatives to outperform the competition.

Our Assistance programs are designed to provide real, tangible support in stressful situations. In today’s increasingly difficult times, we can all feel overwhelmed by seemingly routine occurrences. In our ongoing effort to meet your customers’ needs, we pride ourselves on being available on a moment’s notice.