Our Social Commitment

Assistenza  focuses on supporting Canadian families in need. Over the years, we have been working with numerous Canadian foundations and charities. Assistenza has made it its duty to give over 2% of its yearly revenues to such important organizations as:

  • The Canadian Cancer Society (link)
  • Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (link)
  • Miriam Foundation directed at helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD (link)
  • The Montreal’s Children’s Hospital (link)
  • Make-a-wish foundation (link)
Meet the highlights of our commitment in 2021

“I wish to have a few of my favourite things”
– Weston, 6
(kidney disease, kidney transplant)

Six-year-old Weston loves playing hockey with his dad and brothers, watching Paw Patrol and playing with (new) toys. He also LOVES Batman and if he could have any superpower it would be to be able to fly like his superhero idol.

Weston was diagnosed with a kidney disease at birth, which would eventually require him to get a kidney transplant. After having this kidney transplant in 2019, Weston was put on dialysis.
Weston’s initial wish was one of the thousands of travel wishes impacted by COVID-19. He thought about what else would bring him joy, and he knew exactly what that was: a wish to have a few of his favourite things! Weston and his family were picked up in a limo and his special wish day began by going to his favourite restaurant for breakfast. Once their tummies were full and energy was high, Weston went to a couple of his favourite stores, Toys “R” Us and Walmart, where he ventured up and down the aisles picking out all of his favourite things!

“Weston was the happiest we have seen him in a long time,” his mom said. She continued, “even after everything he has gone through, the life and light that comes from him is incredible.”
Hope is essential for children with critical illnesses, and its life- changing power is unlocked when wishes like Weston’s are granted.

« A sensory room and toys in the house»
– Andrew, 11
(nervous system disorder)

Andrew is an 11-year-old boy living with a nervous system disorder. His favourite colours are red and blue, and he loves all kinds of music. His favourite show is the wiggles and he loves lights, sounds and the great outdoors!  Andrew is non-verbal but loves being outside to watch all the cars driving by and listening to the birds singing.  Before the Covid-19 pandemic began, Andrew was attending an in-person school that was equipped with an amazing sensory room that made him very happy and relaxed. Due to the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, Andrew’s mom made the decision to pull him out of his school and have started home schooling him.  Because of the peace, joy and happiness that his previous school room provided, Andrew’s most heartfelt wish is to have a sensory room and toys in his house!  Andrew’s Mom said; “Thank you for all you’ve been able to do so far. We are so excited! He will benefit so much from having these wonderful toys and room within our own safe space”.