Legal Services

Legal assistance

Through the telephone assistance lines your clients will be given access to legal information and lawyer referral services. Your customers will have access to a 1-800 line that can be called to inquire about all fields of law. Our attorney’s vast experience coupled with their different fields of expertise will allow your customers to get the necessary information. The Legal telephone assistance service consists of:

  • Unlimited telephone calls for which our attorneys will provide clients with general legal information with respect to the legal issue at hand, considering the applicable law and potential legal recourses in view of retaining an attorney and does not extend to extensive specific details or legal advice. Such services are not a substitute for retaining an attorney.
  • Highly qualified attorneys covering all aspects of law with 5 years’ experience.
  • All of our attorneys are members of the Bar Association.
  • Attorneys will provide your customers with legal information in family law, labor contracts, employment contracts, taxation, real estate, statutory matters, consumer law, etc.
  • All your customers telephone inquiries are dealt with in a professional manner.

The service described above is not available to individuals or the public at large. This service is only available through clients of Assistenza International and is limited by service agreements with Assistenza International’s clients